To successfully influence food & fibre policy in the region by advocating with a coordinated voice that represents every sector and supply chain

The Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council will influence food & fibre policy for the region, build capacity and remove capacity impediments by advocating with a coordinated voice that represents the whole Region across every sector right up the supply chain.”

The Great South Coast region suffers from the poor perception of our food and fibre industry both internally within the region and externally outside our region in government circles and within the investment community here in Australia and overseas. There is indeed the lack of a regional image as a food and fibre powerhouse even though it drives over 60% of the Region’s GDP and heavily contributes to Victoria’s food and fibre exports as the number one region for farm gate output.

The consequence, of this lack of a discernible image, is little or no recognition outside the region. Low recognition leads to a low level of influence and gravitas amongst policy makers and governments outside the region. It also means the area is relatively invisible to potential investors when compared with other Victorian regions.

The Great South Coast Council has the role of advocacy representing the whole region, combating that lack influence and gravitas by proactively advocating on capacity impediments and public investment in the region. These opportunities are best served by having a consistent region wide voice that is listened to by Government and regulators

Showcasing the best we have to offer is one way to counter this image problem, celebrating and promoting the successes in the region. By fostering, showcasing and celebrating innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship by the successful businesses within the region we will reset our image both internally and externally. It will

  • assist in creating an improved image,
  • encourage participation in food and fibre education and in the multitude of career pathways the sector offers our region’s young people
  • lift the profile which will increase support and interest from governments and funding to similar levels as seen across the Murray Darling Basin’s Sunraysia, Riverina and other areas.
  • reposition the image to one of a region with an abundance of food and fibre production resources,
  • help innovative, vibrant and progressive businesses in the sector to attract investors

This image repositioning will support the region’s branding aspirations, its existing brands along with its existing food and fibre industries, and improve those internal and external perceptions of food and fibre production in the Great South Coast region.

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The Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council and Victorian Farmers Federation are pressing a future state government to upgrade power lines in the region. Executive Officer, Tony Ford, said it would like to see a $4 million pilot program to upgrade the line between Yambuk and Narrawong to a three-phase capacity supply. He said […]

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