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Leadership for All Seasons – Event wrap-up

Food and Fibre Great South Coast and our event partner, Westpac Agribusiness, welcomed leaders from across the region to celebrate International Women’s Day at Deakin University, Warrnambool, with its first ever contemporary leadership forum: Leadership for All Seasons.  Vibrant floral bouquets topping every table and a head of local garlic grown ten kilometres away for […]

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Adam Jenkins – Choose Your #AgVenture

Farmer, Business Owner & Operator and AgriBusiness Consultant I am just as passionate today about agriculture and its opportunities as the day I got involved over 30 years ago. There are enormous challenges ahead, but this also presents immense opportunities. The technology, research and farm practices today in Australia are cutting edge, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to produce […]

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Lucy Collins – Choose Your #AgVenture

  Gumboots This year has taken me on a journey that has challenged my idea of what it means to be a farmer. For so long, I’ve thought that until I owned my own patch of dirt and was in the dairy every morning milking cows, out in the paddock riding a horse, or driving […]

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Is Regenerative Farming the Answer?

While the phrase “regenerative agriculture” is new, the concepts behind it are not. Indigenous Peoples across the world have nurtured land for thousands of years in such a way that future generations would be able to use it to the same extent. In a more recent context, the introduction of biodynamic farming in 1924 and […]

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Careers Advisory Panel: Flyer

The Careers Advisory Panel is a collaborative initiative aimed at increasing employment participation by inspiring young people to choose a food and fibre career. The Panel’s primary goal is to sustainably increase employment participation in the sector.

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