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Victoria Stack – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘The opportunities—farming wise—you can go pretty much anywhere in the world.’ Victoria left home at seventeen and has worked in the food and fibre industry ever since. Growing up in Canada, she never saw herself working with koalas, but after many years of travelling and learning different skills, she ended up in Australia. ‘The industry […]

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Rowan Ault – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘One thing the dairy industry does really well is on the job training or industry training. The only thing you really need to do is make a start because there are a lot of helping hands and assistance out there. People are very good at reaching out if they see somebody trying to make their […]

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Ralph Cotter – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘I see it as a very honourable job because you are doing something positive, you are creating something, and you are helping people.’ Ralph always thought agriculture was just about farming, but when he started out in the industry, he realised it was so much more than that. He found there were all these other […]

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Karensa Menzies – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

‘I am the type of person who likes exploring new things. I like things keeping interesting, and agriculture offers that and you can tailor it to your want. It allows me to travel, explore new places, to enrich people’s lives.’ Karensa grew up in rural Victoria, and from an early age, she developed a love […]

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Bethany Lewis – Careers Advisory Panel Ambassador

Bethany never thought she would find herself in food and fibre, but the energy and strength of nature pulled her in, and now she is slowing down and learning to become a part of the natural rhythm of the land. ‘’Someone recently said to me, ‘slow is the fastest way to get to where you […]

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