About Us


The Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council is the representative body for food and fibre in the Great South Coast. The Great South Coast is Victoria’s largest food and fibre region, with enormous potential to grow further. Food and fibre underpins around 60 per cent of our regional economy, accounting for 21.6 per cent of jobs. Great South Coast Food and Fibre Inc. aims to realise the region’s untapped capacity to increase food and fibre production and value-add to build the viability and resilience of our local communities.

We do this by championing food and fibre as the pathway for ongoing prosperity and wellbeing of Great South Coast communities. Specifically, we promote investment in channels that increase productivity value and natural asset sustainability, we foster best practice, innovation and capacity building, and we nurture the positive image of food and fibre industry and careers.

The Great South Coast region extends from the South Australian border to Colac, taking in the Grampians and south-west Victorian coastal areas. With its reliable rainfall and rich soils, this region supports a vibrant food and fibre sector, including red meat production, grains and cropping, aquaculture, forestry, wool and dairying.

Already Victoria’s food and fibre powerhouse, our region has enormous potential as well as an economic imperative to grow the value of food and fibre output. This will have a dramatic, positive impact, delivering prosperity, jobs and stronger communities.