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The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Action Plan has, at its core, the primary aim of growing the output and value of food & fibre in the region.  While the region boasts the largest agricultural output in the State of Victoria, and second largest in the whole of Australia, the importance of food & fibre is currently little recognised.

The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Action Plan involves a multi-faceted approach to improve the image of agriculture, promoting careers and opportunities within the sector, as well as attracting investment and encouraging innovation. Advocacy to overcome the bottlenecks and hurdles currently inhibiting growth in the sector is also intrinsic to the Plan.

Australia’s top 3 AREAS OF Agricultural commodities – 2015-16 (gross value)

Over the last 3 years The Great South Coast Food and Fibre producing region has seen a growth rate of 8.22 %

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Victoria’s top 3 areas of agricultural commodities – 2011 – 2016 (gross value)

Great South Coast Food and Fibre producing region continues to increase its share of Victoria’s Total Farm Output growing from 13.9% to 16.6% of Victoria in 4 years

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The food & fibre sector underpins the economy of the Great South Coast region, being the biggest private sector revenue generator and employer. It also constitutes a major part of Victoria’s agricultural economy and is a major generator of export income for the State. The graphics in figure 1 and figure 2 indicate the relevance in Australia and importance to Victoria of the Great South Coast as a growing  food and fibre engine. Growth YOY is 8.2%.

The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Council, acting across the whole region, is well placed to secure an advantage of the growing global demand for food, develop the opportunities to lift the productivity of farm potential, and leverage the growing North Asian demand for protein and our reputation for safe and sustainable food.  The Great South Coast Food & Fibre Council is in a position to take a leadership role in food & fibre education and will ensure a skilled workforce is available now and into the future. By promoting our agri-tourism assets we have the opportunity to showcase the region’s food & fibre production and to build the image of a sustainable powerhouse food & fibre producing region.